Officials Pre-Meet Duties

NFHS Wrestling Rules Meeting

October 1, 2003

Byron Olson

Minnesota State High School League

Rules Clinician


Pre-meet Duties During Weigh-ins

l     Arrive early enough to dress and introduce yourself to both coaches and game administrator.

l     Clarify new rule changes and rules upon request.

l     Handle weigh-ins per NHFS procedures.

     Announce that all participants of the same gender must be in the weigh-in area.

     Once the weigh-in starts no one may leave the area until weigh-ins are concluded.  

     All wrestlers must address the scale when their weight class is called.

     Check hair, fingernails, and skin conditions.

l     If there is a wrestler of the opposite gender make sure there is an area and weigh master to weigh that wrestler in.  Instruct the weigh master on the weigh-in procedures (check for skin conditions, hair, nails and the rules for weighing in.)

l     Determine the random order of matches with coaches present.


Pre-meet Duties Prior to Competition

l     Ask coach to verify that the team is groomed, properly equipped, and ready to wrestle. (Penalty is unsportsmanlike conduct.)

l     Clarify new rule changes and rule interpretations.

l     Remind coaches they are restricted to the team bench during the match, except during a charged time out, at the end of a match, or a conference with official at the head table.

l     Remind Coaches they are to approach the head table if they desire a conference with the official.

       If they question a ruling, there is one of two things will happen:

l      Change the call

l      Warn them for misconduct.

   If they question a judgment call they will receive a warning for misconduct.

l     Stress sportsmanship and end of match handshake to coaches and wrestlers.

l     Remind wrestlers and coaches of the procedure for reporting to head table when called by the official.

l     Inform coaches and wrestlers how you call things, such as: stalling, starting procedures, fleeing the mat, out of bounds situations, etc.

l     Check wrestlers for:

    Presence of oils or greasy substances.

    Improper clothing or uniform (t-shirts, tights without stirrups, Bermuda length shorts, etc.)

    Questionable padding


    Grooming (facial hair, hair length, fingernails) if not done during weigh-ins.

    Skin conditions

    Shoe laces are secured

l     Check all equipment to make sure it is legal.

    Supplementary equipment worn by wrestlers.

    Inspect mat area (proper size, markings, safety area)

l     Review signals and procedures to be used with scorer and timer and their responsibilities.

l     Introduce yourself to game administration.

l     Do not visit with spectators. Conduct yourself in a business-like manner.