January 27, 2004


Bernie Goss,

CHSAA Wrestling Rules Interpreter



TO:  All Wrestling Referees, Wrestling Coaches and Sports Administrators


It has recently come to our attention that various individual wrestlers are being taught or encouraged to grab and or squeeze the genitals of their male opponents.  The result is trauma to the testicles and scrotal area of the body.


This hold is to be interpreted as absolutely illegal and punishing in nature.  All referees are instructed to call these types of holds as unsportsmanlike conduct.   The penalty is clearly outlined under rule 7-4-2 (page 28) and the penalty chart (page 32) of the NFHS rulebook.


Referees are further reminded that two ( 2) minutes of recovery time are to be awarded to the injured wrestler.  If the injured person cannot continue wrestling after the recovery time has expired, he will be awarded the match due to an injury default.


In contests where grabbing or squeezing of the male genitals is repeated by the same wrestler during the same match, referees must disqualify the perpetrator and classify this action as flagrant misconduct (see penalty chart page 32).  The violator is to be ejected from the event without any hesitation and the proper amount of team points deducted from the violatorís team score.


This interpretation is to be implemented immediately throughout all regions of Colorado.